We all have the power to create and transform our lives in ways we can't even imagine. That kind of power and potential lives in all of us just waiting to come out and be used. However, if we don't have the tools or knowledge to help us tap into that greatness, we often settle for less then what we deserve.

    Come learn how you can tap into greatness by reawakening inner tools you already possess and deconstruct the comfort zone. It's time to take back your inner power and create the life you deserve!

Meet Eva

My journey has lead me to believe that health is not a one time destination, but a life time maintenance. 

A gentle balance between too much and too little. The truth is we thrive when we work off the centre balance. It is our natural state, meaning we are actually designed for success, a birth right. Unfortunately living in a society where anything but yourself is acceptable, we begin to fall off balance. Often placing ourselves into the mould of failure and sadly find ourselves at either one of the polar ends where we manifest illness. 


 What we believe we create into physical form. As I began to apply tools that I enquired through my journey, yoga and holistic nutrition, my life began to change in the most amazing ways, including my health. So excited about what I have learned and experienced, I decided to share the knowledge and coach others with the purpose to empower and reconnect back to your natural state of health, love and joy.

The transformations I have witnessed are truly extraordinary and I can't wait to share it with you! 

Why Work With A R.H.N?

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I am able to create a plan, specifically designed to fit your needs, with respect to your body and goals. What that means is, I take "you" into consideration unlike most models that place you in a "everyone fits here," model.


By fully examining medical history and current state I am able to create a tailored program that suits your lifestyle, needs and comfort-zone. We do not count calories, points or do any weighing. Most importantly I do not exchange one bad diet for another. 


Where I differ from most is, that I do not take you out of an unhealthy comfort-zone and place you in a new one. I have seen this method time and time again only to send you back on the sabotage train, feeling frustrated, depleted and disappointed.


My goal is to create a healthy comfort zone and leave you feeling empowered, confident and motivated. Not only for the present moment but for the future too. By working with you and sharing the tools that I myself use and practice everyday! 

"Your success, is my success." 



 Are you ready to get off the sabotage train, out of your comfort zone and begin your journey towards health and success!? CLICK  down below and watch your life transform.